Dublin & Cork Airports Hit by Return of Snow

Flights back on Schedule

Flights back on Schedule

Dublin Airport yesterday recorded the lowest overnight temperature, which saw it drop to -8C.

A severe snow storm spreading throughout the country since Wednesday resulted in Dublin Airport closing its doors mid afternoon on the same day.

Stranded tourists and commuters were left with no alternative but to find alternative transport, when temperatures dropped to as low as -8C (17.6F) on Thursday and Friday following heavy snowfalls.

With the snow storm making its way down through the South of the Country, Cork Airport last night announced it was cancelling all flights until 4am this morning.

The Airport’s website reports that all flights after 4 am this morning have departed as planned, with no inbound delays or cancellations reported.

Dublin Airport’s website also reports all flights departed, bar the scheduled 10:15 RE211 to Sligo which was cancelled.

There was not such good news on the arrivals front with flights cancelled from; Kerry, Derry, and Edinburgh, with delays also from Edinburgh, Paris, Chambery, Innsbruck, Berlin, Milan, Riga, Barcelona, Krakow, Amsterdam, Malaga, Rome, Lanzarote, Gerona, and Fuerteventura.

The worst appears to be over on the weather front, with light spell of lights snow expected for the today and tonight, followed by rain on Sunday through till Monday.

Airports across the United Kingdom were also disrupted as a result of the snow fall, with Edinburgh Airport being the worst affected.

There were also disruptions for Benbecula, Sumburgh, Stornoway and Heathrow Airport. Airports have advised all passengers to check their flight status.

Have you or anyone you know been delayed travelling as a result of the weather by; air, road, public transport? Leave a comment and let us know.

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