Drivers should be saving on car insurance, not safety



A survey by Admiral car insurance has revealed a worrying trend from UK drivers, who are choosing to save money in ways that affects their own safety.

The Admiral survey, in conjunction with a YouGov survey revealed that the increasing cost of fuel was having a startling affect on drivers regard for their own safety.

The survey revealed that 92% of drivers felt the cost of fuel is too high, and a further 17% had not had repairs carried out because they couldn’t afford to do so.

51% of motorists also admitted they were now driving less as a result of the cost of motoring and petrol and diesel in general.

Most worrying was the revelation that 8% of drivers had ignored problems with their tyres, and had opted to carrying driving on them.

Managing director of Admiral, Sue Longthorn was very concerned by this fact, admitting, “This could cause more serious problems long term and could even cause them to have an accident.”

Also revealed by the report was the fact that one in four car accidents in the UK are now rear end bumps, with 405,000 recorded last year.

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