Dmitry Medvedev: Russian President Dances On Election Trail

Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev


With Vladimir Putin taking to ice last week to play a little ice hockey a totally different tact was used by Dmitry Medvedev who danced with children on his publicity tour. The two men could not be WIith the more different if they tried, with Putin embodying the action man role and Medvedev taking on the role of cuddly monster.

Young ballerina

he Russian President was very determined in trying not to dance, but he was coerced into dancing arm-in-arm with the young ballerina. As part of the election trail both men have already made visits to soldiers and farmers, factories and villages in their continuous need to gain votes for the elections.

President Medvedev had already agreed to step down next year leaving Vladimir Putin in the top position. The campaign had begun during the early part of the week just gone, Medvedev has been putting in the hard yards so that he stands a better chance remaining in top position.

Medvedev found a way to enter the school’s gymnasium, and under the new programme the government is offering.

The video clearly shows that the Russian President reluctant to dance and when he does start he does not look the best pleased, he could be thinking about his rival and the more macho activities he has been partaking in.

After dancing with the young ballerina he was seen engaging in a game of patty-cake, he constantly messed up the patty-cake which ended up looking quite odd. His dancing has already received 50,000 views on Youtube.

In an attempt to recover his image and some of his own self-respect he had talked about his love of ‘hard rock’ in a meeting with a women’s group who come together in honour of Russia’s Mother’s day.

Different routes

Both Putin and Medvedev have chosen to go down different routes on the election trail. Putin has continued his work in trying to get Russians to appeal to him, he is trying to win over the Russians in the only way he knows how.

Medvedev has gone down a totally different route, while Putin is not concerned with how he comes across to the west Medvedev is. He has deliberately chosen activities and stunts that would allow him to come across in a better light to the west who will be watching what happens with both men in the future.

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