Director of insurance broker backs ABI whiplash claims stats

The ABI Report Said One-Third of Whiplash Claims are Exaggerated

The ABI Report Said One-Third of Whiplash Claims are Exaggerated

Paul Muir, managing director of 1 Answer Network has supported ABI’s call for clampdown on whiplash claims.

“There is clear evidence in the figures highlighted by the ABI that the current claims process is open to exaggerated and fraudulent claims for whiplash made under the growing compensation culture in the UK”, said Mr. Muir about ABI’s recent report.

“In recent years the high volume of claims – in large part the result of claims management firms and ambulance chasers – has slowed down the claims process, often causing frustration and distress to policyholders with genuine accident and injury claims”, he said in support of ABI’s observation.

“As brokers we want to see those genuine claims dealt with quickly and fairly. It is in the handling of claims and the service given when policyholders need to call on their insurance that makes it of value”, he said adding: “This has been undermined by these types of fraudulent and exaggerated claims, a situation that cannot be allowed to continue and which the ABI is rightly tackling”.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) had yesterday stated in its report that 1,200 whiplash claims are filed daily in UK, costing £2 billion to the industry and termed Britain as the ‘whiplash capital of Europe’.

The ABI report should encourage the industry for better claims settlement procedure, he said adding: “The proposed action plan by the ABI should be welcomed as a means to rebalance the industry towards a more responsible and fairer claims process that benefits genuine claimants and not those trying to abuse the system.”

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