Dale Farm Eviction: Expected Violence

Dale Farm Travellers Site

Dale Farm Travellers Site

Early this morning Dale Farm was being prepared for eviction with police presence as it was expected that violence and disorder could potentially be used to stop the police from moving into the UK’s largest travellers’ site.

Police made their preparations in the dark during the early morning in an attempt to set their plans without being overly exposed.

Hit with baton

At 7.00am in full riot gear officers forced their way into the site after they had broken through a rear fence which as expected prompted and angry and heated face-off. Bricks and other debris where thrown towards the police who had been clearing trying to clear the illegal portion of the site.

Bailiffs were also ready to enter the site once the police took a grip of the situation, during the raid one caravan had been set on fire and the majority of the power supplies had been cut.

Some of the protestors who had covered their identities using masks said that the cutting the electricity had turned off important medical equipment belonging to some of the older residents.

Around 50 officers had stormed the site with news that one resident being hit with a baton, one women determined to make a stand set her own caravan on fire.

Taser guns have been used to control many supporters and many have also been detained by police after the violence escalated.

Decision of the court

The eviction will cost almost £18m and it is the end of the 10-year journey. In the last few days travellers and their supporters have even tried to reinforce the perimeter.

Tony Ball, Basildon Council leader, has said: “We are prepared for all eventualities, we rather it didn’t happen but the council is carrying out the decision of the courts it’s a lawful action. Upholding the law is extremely important for a public body to do.”

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