Cutting edge cancer treatment centre opened

Cancer treatment.

Cancer treatment.

A new research centre has opened in Glasgow which will allow scientists and doctors to collaborate easier than ever before, and will aid in the development of new treatments for cancer.

The centre is designed to allow researchers who would not normally able to work with each other the opportunity to combine their ideas and exchange information for more easily.

It also serves as a state of the art treatment centre and a place for the next generation of specialists to be trained.

The centre will mainly focus on researching bowel cancer and chronic myeloid leukaemia, as scientists are hoping to make new discoveries in basic cell biology in order to develop new ways of treating patients.

The centre will bring together professional from several Scottish Universities, including Glasgow and Strathclyde. It will also help to bring in researchers from the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, and the Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit.

The University of Glasgow’s Professor Karen Vousden, director of the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, said “The new centre will help us bring together a variety of researchers and clinicians to collaborate and work together to improve the lives of cancer patients across Scotland. By building closer links between scientists and doctors we want to increase the pace of research leading to improved treatments for people with cancer.”

The grant to fund the centre is around £1million for the first year, which will bring Cancer Research UK’s total charity funding from the city to £20million.

The centre is the third of its kind in Scotland, with others located in Edinburgh and Dundee.

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