Crime: Judge Beat His Daughter

Child abusing judge William Adams

Child abusing judge William Adams

William Adams, a Texas family law judge, will avoid prosecution for viciously beating his daughter in a video posted to YouTube recently as too much time has passed since the incident. The video, which was posted online by his daughter, has garnered worldwide attention as it shows him attacking his daughter, a cerebral palsy sufferer, with a belt. Police have said Adams likely would have been charged with causing injury to a child for the beating that occurred in 2004, but the five year statue of limitations has expired meaning there is nothing they can do. The police have said they will discuss the case with federal prosecutors to see if federal charges can be made, however they added it seemed unlikely.


Adams’ daughter, Hillary, appeared on TV to talk about the abuse, saying that it had gone on for years. She also revealed that her father had dared her to post the video, not believing that she would. She secretly recorded the beating when she was just sixteen. Adams has said the video “looks worse than it is” and that he was just disciplining his daughter for illegally downloading files online.


While no criminal charges are being filed, Adams still faces a probe by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct. The senior judge in Aransas County whom Adams reports to, Judge Burt Mills, has said that Adams is currently relieved of his duties for two weeks while the investigation goes on. His cases have been given to other judges. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services are also probing the incident as Adams has a minor daughter still living with him. Adams insists his daughter posted the video as revenge for him cutting her financial support and taking away her Mercedes.

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