Credit Card company almost deny 100 hopefuls Olympic Tickets

Olympic tickets rejected

Olympic tickets rejected

Credit Card company Barclaycard almost dashed the Olympic dreams of 100 customers after their fraud department prevented the purchase of Olympic tickets by mistake.

The fraud department flagged the transactions as they were suspicious and did not follow the normal pattern of spending on the customers cards.

Barclaycard has issued an apology to the customers concerned according to Radio 4s moneybox program, and Logog, the organisers of the Olympic games have revealed they are going to try taking payment again.

Barclaycard also revealed they had adjusted their fraud prevention technologies accordingly to allow Olympic payments to go through.

Oxford based Flora Nuttgens revealed that she had a series of calls regarding her Olympic tickets, after ordering £2000 worth.

“I ordered about £2,000 worth of tickets,” she said.

“I got an automated call saying that a payment had been blocked for £700 from a London ticketing agency. I assumed immediately it was the Olympics.”

“They’d blocked it because it was an unusually large payment, which I thought was rather odd considering that it should be expected that people would be buying Olympics tickets,” she said.

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