Crazed Commuter: Women Pushed On Tracks

The moment a man pushes a women onto the tracks

The moment a man pushes a women onto the tracks

CCTV footage has been re-released by the British Transport Police, in which a women is seen being shoved onto live train tracks at Leicester Square Underground Station. The attack took place five months ago on Friday September 16th 2011, on the Northern line platform.

It has been revealed that the man had pushed the 23-year old women on to the track at the station, after a row had taken place regarding the man’s hat. The shocking moment was luckily caught on camera, and the police are after the whereabouts of the man so he can be convicted.

Random attack

The CCTV footage shows the moment the male commuter launched what appears to be a random attack on the women. Police have re-released the video in the hope that the man can be identified, which has also featured on a recent documentary about the London Underground.

The man is seen arguing with a group of people when the lady approaches him, he then turns and pushes her onto the tracks. Fortunately she missed the live rail by inches. She managed to pull herself back up on the platform with the help of other travellers, before a train did come into the station.

The fall caused the lady to sustain injuries to the side of her body, which were so severe that witnesses mistook her injury for a stab wound. British Transport Police are continuing their efforts to locate the man behind the senseless attack.

He is described as being white and in his 40s with a thin build. At the time of the attack he was wearing orange/yellow tinted glasses, a black jacket, blue shirt a black wide brimmed hat, he also spoke with a European accent.

The officer in charge of the investigation is British Transport Police Detective Sergeant Fin Egan, and he has said: “This was a dangerous and reckless act which could have had grave consequences had a Tube train been approaching.”

Safe system

London’s Underground network been described as being one of safest transport systems, and it carries more than a billion people each year. In its 150 year history there has only 5 accidents causing deaths.

The London Underground is preparing for the Summer Olympics, and is set to be busy as athletes fans and officials will be using its services to travel to venues. The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games have revealed that the Games will cost Britain £9.4bn to host. It is hoped that increased level of tourism from people coming to see the Games will give the economy a small but much needed boost.

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