Councils Plan to Earn More by Charging Pounds for Parking

Some councils plan on charging many pounds per month for parking.

Some councils plan on charging many pounds per month for parking.

The government told councils to find new income and that is exactly what they did; but don’t ask the motorists parking their cars at work what they think of it.  Some councils are planning to charge for parking, according to the Local Government Association.

By order of the government, councils across the UK are considering charging hundreds of pounds per year for motorists to park at work.  This was a scheme originally designed to cut congestion and help the environment and at the same time raise money.  Eric Pickler, spokesman for Communities Secretary, said councils need to figure out alternative sources for new income.

So far, Nottingham is the only council to announce plans to implement workplace parking levies.

Under the proposed plan, employers with more than 10 spaces will be charged 253 pounds a year starting in 2012.  There is also room built in this scheme, for the bill is set to increase to 350 pounds within ten years.

All the money raised from the car parking scheme is already decided upon.  The funds will be provided to assist part of the city’s tram extension, and for the refurbishment of its railway station and bus returns.

Although there is a downside, with making motorists unhappy, some local authorities are possibly going to follow Nottingham’s lead.  The list includes: Bristol, York, Devon, Leeds, Bourne mouth, South Somerset and Wiltshire.

Gary Hopkins, cabinet member for strategic transport, waste and targeted improvement, commented on a range of benefiting entities, saying: “The potential benefits for transport from the money raised could mean lower bus fares, or even free bus fares in the city centre, discounted season tickets, and help attract other bus companies into the city bringing more competition.”

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