Council to investigate a four day school week

Schools 4 days a week

Schools 4 days a week

North Ayrshire Council has revealed they are looking into the possibility of a four day week, and starting primary education at the age of six, instead of five as it is now.

The council in Scotland has revealed the potential changes as a method to help both primary and secondary schools deals with spending cuts.

But is the move realistic, or just a message to the government that they need more funding?

Such a move would cause chaos for working parents, causing them to either work a day less or fork out for an extra day’s childcare.

The move is only one of several being considered but would save more than £2million. The council has had to deal with a £8.9milliuon budget cut as the local authority looks to deal with a £38million funding gap by 2014, and the Labour led council seem desperate to make the cuts work.

The proposals are still in a planning phase, but if other councils jump on board, they may be able to send a message to the government and stop public spending cuts in education.

The council’s education director, Carol Kirk, said any plans made to alter the current system would be “fully investigated and discussed”.

“The option for children to start primary school at age six has been widely discussed by education professionals across the UK for several years now and is already in operation in many other European countries,” she said.

“The option to deliver the statutory 25 hours of education per week over four rather than five days is also being explored by other local authorities in Scotland.”

What would such a move do to your childcare plans?

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