Could we be in for more air travel chaos as new Iceland Volcano set to erupt

Iceland Volcano

Iceland Volcano

Could we be in for more air traffic chaos as reports emerge that the Iceland volcano could be set to erupt again?

Pall Einarsson, a geographer of physics at the University of Iceland, has revealed there are increased signs of activity around the Bárdarbunga are, which provides a “good reason to worry.”

He went on to tell local television that there weren’t enough seismometer measuring devices in the area, which was making it difficult to determine the scale, but there was “no doubt” that lava was rising.

“This is the most active area of the country if we look at the whole country together,” he told the Icelandic TV station. “There is no doubt that lava there is slowly growing, and the seismicity of the last few days is a sign of it.

“We need better measurements because it is difficult to determine the depth of earthquakes because it is in the middle of the country and much of the area is covered with glaciers.”

The Bárdarbunga volcano is substantially bigger than Eyjafjallajökull, which shut down Europes sky’s and caused huge problems for the airline and travel industry last summer.

Whilst it hasn’t erupted since 1910, and it’s last major eruption wasn’t since the 1400’s, this volcano has produced the largest lava flow in the last 10,000 years of any volcano on earth, and could replicate last year’s problems on a much larger scale.

Travel Agents, holiday makers and airlines will be crossing their fingers that it doesn’t.

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