Contactless Credit Cards on the tube within a year



Londoners will be able to use their contactless credit cards to pay for the tube within a year it has been announced.

While buses will be equipped with the necessary technology first, the tube will follow shortly after and will allow commuters to get rid of their Oyster cards.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson was also excited about the news, saying, “It is tip-top news that from next year a simple tap of a contactless bank card will be enough to whizz you from A to B in this great city.

“London leads the way in so many different fields and we will be the first in the world to allow the millions using our Tube, trams, buses and trains to benefit from the ease of using this technology.”

The only problem the networks have is getting account details from the banks in such a short space of time, in some cases a hundredth of a second, to check that the user has sufficient room on their card to pay for the transaction.

Will Judge, Head of Future Ticketing for Transport for London was confident they would be able to overcome any difficulties, as over 12 million contactless debit and credit cards are already used in this country.

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