Christmas: Health And Safety Risks Posed By Decorations

Carol singers are a health and safety risk

Carol singers are a health and safety risk

The Government has revealed that Christmas office decorations, playground snowball fights and coins in puddings have been wrongly banned after being labelled as health and safety risks. Moreover, pantomime performers have been told they cannot throw sweets to the audience as this is another hazard.

Elf and safety myths

Most of which is categorised as a health and safety risk many would not give a second thought too, this hasn’t stopped the Government from publishing a list of ‘elf and safety myths’ as ministers continue their work removing a number of these regulations from the health and safety officers who will hand out fines if rules are broken.

The Work and Pensions Minister, Chris Grayling, has said that ‘health and safety killjoys’ risked sucking the sprit out of the festivities. Christmas is supposed to be a time for celebration and fun and the Government do not want the scrooges of festive events to ruin the holidays, especially when it is the one time in the year that the majority of the workforce get together and let their hair down.

Health and safety laws are supposed to provide guidelines which stop people from doing any damage to themselves, in essence the laws are supposed to save lives. But at present they are simply restricting the enjoyment many can have, which makes little sense especially when the enjoyment is not overtly risky.

The reforms which will be forced will ‘root out needless bureaucracy and ensure he health and safety system is fit for purpose though streamlining the maze of regulations and ensuring consistency across the board’ said Grayling.

In the defence of health and safety employees who are only doing their jobs, they are forced to adhere to the rules that they are provided with and this means they are forced to penalise anyone found in breach of the rules.

Banned activities

If you would like to know what seasonal activities have been needlessly banned then read on. The first wrongly banned activity has been the snowball fights. Children are not permitted to have snowball fights in school playgrounds and office workers have been informed that they are not allowed to put of any form of Christmas decoration.

For the many homeowners and businesses up and down the country there is no need to worry about being sued for clearing snow from outside their properties. Moreover, seats have been removed from town centres and shops, while Christmas trees have been scaled down and in many cases replaced by the artificial variety.

There are many more, but they get much more sillier as highlighted by the fact that carol singers are being referred to as a health and safety risks.

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