Christmas Gadgets: Jamie Oliver Brings Out Festive App

Jamie Oliver phone app

Jamie Oliver phone app

Last Christmas Jamie Oliver released a cookbook called ’30 Minute Meals’ it was huge success as it went on to become one of the fastest selling non-fiction releases in UK history. His new book which will be the follow-up to his TV show ‘Jamie’s Great Britain’ is already being tipped as this year’s Christmas bestseller.

Getting food on the iPad

However, he is not content with just cornering the book market as he also has a phone app which gives many more interaction with their cooking experience, bringing the great man right into the home for some culinary action.

The problem is while many would sacrifice a book in the kitchen, not worrying if it becomes stained with food or gets a little grubby, many would prefer to not put their iPad in such a precarious position. The iPad is considerably more expensive than a book, and the risk that liquid could drop on it or it will fall will mean that the app may not be as successful as the books.

Moreover, those people that like to take their cooking much more seriously usually like to make notes in the text allowing them to refine their skills and get to grips with mastering the recipe. Although notes are possible on the iPad, there is a little difference with what many feel comfortable in using.

An iPad 2 and its predecessor are just one of the gadgets people long for this festive season, although Apple are competing with the likes of Samsung and Motorola many are still drawn to the iPad through familiarity from the iPhone. It is well know that iPad has a smaller app market compared to the android devices which through its open platform has many more apps created by many different people.


Another rising interest is the eBook readers, many enjoy the fact that they can carry many thousands of books wherever they go. Seems a strange concept when you may only read one at a time, but it must be a positive if it saves trees from being cut down to make some truly shocking celebrity auto-biographies. The most popular reader is the Amazon Kindle, this has already spawned a few different versions.

Gadgets are a huge market, with MP3 and MP4 players, cameras, smart phones, and even the car GPS having major interest from consumers. For retailers this is a big money making time in the year, promoting Christmas and consumerism. However, it is the boxing day sales when people really get the claws into purchasing their longed for piece of technology.

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