Chris Moyles raises over £2.4million with record breaking show

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles and sidekick Comedy Dave have smashed the previous world record to become the longest running team show in radio history, staying on air for over 52 hours for comic relief.

More impressively, the pair have also raised  £2,406,648 for Comic Relief through the donations of their listeners.

The pair moved from £1,300,000 to over £1,800,000 as they broke the 50 hour mark at half past eight this morning. They then offered listeners the chance to see DJ Fern Cotton in a bikini if they helped the total past £2,000,000, which gave listeners the incentive to tip them over the edge.

The pair have been presenting the Chris Moyles show as normal, three times, and have been guest DJs on everyone else’s shows and also broke the 37hour Radio One record set five years ago.

To donate some more money text Chris 70011, with £1 going directly to Comic Relief.

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