Car Insurance provider finds drivers don’t trust sat navs

Sat Nav

Sat Nav

A leading car insurance provider has found out that drivers in the UK simply don’t trust Satellite Navigation systems begging the question, will we ever have fully computerised cars.

Swinton insurance questioned over 3000 people in their latest survey as they looked to establish how Britain’s driving habits had changed since the Sat Nav had become increasingly prevalent in the nation’s cars.

The survey found that 79% of motorists asked had at one point ignored the directions offered by Sat Nav, knowing that they were wrong, or thinking that they themselves knew a quicker route.

More interestingly, 63% of drivers also carry a back up map in the car, just in case Sat Nav went wrong, or to check that they weren’t being led up a blind alley.

From my own experience I know how valuable a map can be. I aimlessly followed Sat Nav all the way to the Isle of Skye in Scotland on a Saturday morning only to reach a ferry port to get to the island with the next ferry leaving on Monday morning.

I had to turn back and drive an hour and a half back on myself to drive up to a bridge much further round the coast and wish I’d looked at a map before leaving.

Motorist reported that the average distance away from their destination they had been guided was 5.9miles, leaving many motorists distrusting of the device.

Steve Chelton from the firm added, “An in-car sat nav is a helpful tool when embarking on a journey and many drivers gain benefit from using one. However, if used incorrectly or if a system is faulty, a sat nav can make a journey extremely stressful and much longer than it needs to be. To avoid any destination-related disasters, drivers need to make sure that they have spent time planning their journey in advance, and having a map as a backup is always a good idea.”

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