Canoe Conman Freed from Jail

Darwin & his wife faked his death

Darwin & his wife faked his death

Canoe Fraudster John Darwin has reportedly been released from prison, after serving only half his sentence for fraud.

With the aid of his wife, Darwin faked his own death in an apparent canoeing accident, in their attempt to cash in on insurance, and pension money.

The once well off property owner had fallen on hard times, and used his con job to claim £250,000 in insurance and pension money for him and his wife.

However, their sick plot was unsuccessful, and Darwin was sentenced to six years and three months in prison after admitting deception.
His wife Anne, who denied fraud, was handed a six and a half year jail sentence in 2008.

In 2002, the then prison officer paddled out to sea near by his home near Hartlepool, before abandoning his canoe and going into hiding.

Anne Darwin played the grieving widow, while Darwin stayed in a bedsit by their home for nearly four years. Darwin would then disguise himself whenever he went out in public.

When Anne Darwin declared her husband dead, and cashed in on their new found wealth, the couple embarked on a new life in Panama.

However, their plan came unstuck in 2007, when John made the decision to return home to the UK, and claiming he was a missing person suffering from Amnesia.

Darwin is now believed to be staying with a friend, in the village of Easington, County Durham.

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