Cancel your credit cards

PSN hacker may have credit card details

PSN hacker may have credit card details

Three million credit card holders in Britain were today urged to cancel their cards as the truth regarding the great PlayStation hacking scandal unwound further.

77million PlayStation network account holders have had their details stolen revealed Japanese firm Sony, as it was revealed the hackers have access to customers names, address, email address, password and bank details.

Speaking to the Sun, Graham Cluley, a computer security expert said, “It’s one of the biggest hacks on record. If I lost my credit card in the back of a taxi, I’d cancel my card. If Sony loses your credit card details, then it’s worse.

“This security breach is not just a public relations disaster, it’s a very real danger for its many users.”

Sony waited a week before revealing the true reason they had taken their network offline, and in the end it was a blog and twitter that broke the news to the world that credit card details had been stolen, angering fans.

Many fans are now threatening to boycott all Sony products although there is no evidence that the hackers have used any of the details they accessed as yet.

With Sony facing a potential $220,000,000 compensation bill in the UK alone users who have the same password for all their different accounts are being advised to change them.

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