Can Cheryl Make It In America?

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

There is speculation today that producers of the US X Factor may reject Cheryl Cole as a judge for the new show, in exchange for a star closer to home.

Although the singer has been predicted to join pal Simon Cowell on the judges panel since the show was confirmed, it seems the producers of the show believe that a homgrown star will have much more appeal to the American audience.

Despite making a good impression on the hit UK show it seems that Rihanna or Katy Perry would be preferable candidates. 

 A source close to Cole’s rumoured boyfriend Derek Hough said: “Everyone thiks Cheryl has the judging job on US Xfactor in the bag.” 

“The truth is, nothing has been signed and the producers still aren’t convinced.

 ”They are more keen to get a big US star like Katy or Rihanna on the panel – someone who will bring credibility to the show and who is already popular in the US.”

  Cowell is said to be doing all he can to persuade his American counterparts that Cheryl has what it takes to make it in America.

It is suggested that the producers want to see if she will be accepted by the American audience before they give her the job. 

The possibilitty of rejection could come as a shock to the purse for the popular geordie beauty after reports that she was looking at a $3.5 million property in California near to the studios where the show will be filmed.

 Do you think Cheryl could make it in America? Should she be given the job or should it be an American star?

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  1. January 25, 2011 at 5:21 pm EMER Commented:

    i would like to see Cheryl do really well, of course she can make it, she is brilliant, but theres the start of it. knock her b4 she even gets there, she would be better off in the UK where everyone loves her and enjoys her. Americans are quite tough, Cheryl is tough and strong but too emotional for them, they won’t get her, and she could be lonely there…hope not.

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