Bus services at risk as local authorities make budget cuts

Save our Buses

Save our Buses

70% of the England’s councils are looking to cut public transport budgets, which will save them £34 million. This change will especially hit people living in rural areas.

The Save our Buses Campaign, launched recently by Campaign for Better Transport, stated that two-thirds of local authorities in England are considering cuts to their transport.

“The Government said that spending cuts would be socially fair, but cuts to bus services will hit the poorest and most venerable hardest.” Stated Stephen Joseph, chief of the campaign.

“These unpredicted cuts will be especially disastrous of people on low incomes and could effectively men the death of rural bus services.”

North Yorkshire council is looking to withdraw funding for services on weekday evening and weekends as of April this year, plus some services being axed all together, after a decrease of £11 million is government grants.  This will put a huge strain of North Yorkshire’s elderly community.

“Already buses are scarce,” said Jill McMullon, a district councillor from Middleton Tyas, a village whose only bus service faces being axed.

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