Bus Drivers: Win The Euromillions

Bus drivers win the Euromillions

Bus drivers win the Euromillions

A bus depot in Northamptonshire had waited over three years for a lottery winner, unexpectedly 12 came along all at once on Friday night. The lucky dozen have revealed that they were all in a syndicate which scooped a total of £38 million in the Euromillions jackpot on Friday night.

All 12 failed to turn up to work the following day, and rumours are that they could all resign which would remove a fifth of the workforce.

12 new openings for bus driver positions

The twelve syndicate winners will each walk away with a total of £3.1 million each. Ally Spencer, one of the winners has sworn never to step foot on a bus again. He told the Sun that he will never work again going on to say, that being in his 20th year of working as a bus driver he will not step on to one again.

Mr Spencer, 57, another of the winners spoke about the win saying that he’s guessing that there will be 12 openings for bus driver positions at the depot. Mr Spencer also commented on how he plans to spend his winners saying that he and his wife are planning to move out of their 2 bedroom household and into a bungalow in Corby, he also said the family are planning to go on a family holiday to Jamaica.

Syndicate leader Chris Smith spoke out at a press conference in Corby, Northamptonshire, and said that all 12 winners were happy that they had won together. Also saying that the win could not have happened to a better bunch of guys.

On recalling the moment when he realised the drivers had won, Mr Smith said that he had always wanted to watch the draw live and check off all the numbers. Another of the winners, John Noakes, 49 said that he would buy his wife “whatever she wanted” with his winnings.

Drinking celebratory tea

He also spoke about the moment all the drivers met up when they realised they had won. The 49 year old comments that they stayed up all night drinking tea, until Camelot’s offices were open the next morning for the 12 to go lodge their claim.

Camelot confirmed that it has received a valid claim, but could not pay the lucky dozen until the banks opened on Monday morning. The jackpot was £38,034,640 and the winning numbers were 3, 4, 12, 23 and 50. The lucky stars were 4 and 7. It is a the fifth time in a row a UK ticker has taken the pan-European jackpot, a run that now includes three previous winners from the East Midlands.


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