Bruce Forsyth equivalents body stolen by Italian grave diggers

Mike Bongiorno

Mike Bongiorno

In Italy, Bruce Forsyth equivalent Mike Bongiorno’s body has been stolen by grave diggers, according to Italian police.

The star, who died 16 months ago, also had a career spanning 50 years, and hosted game shows and quizzes just like Bruce.

Over 15,000 people including Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, turned up to his funeral to celebrate his life.

The theft was discovered yesterday by workers at the cemetery near Milan, and forensic officers are on the scene looking for evidence.

In Italy, bodies are stolen for ransom on a regular basis, and one mafia gang threatened to steal Gianni Versace’s body just last year.

Father Mauro Pozzi, a local priest said: ‘It’s a terrible sign of the times in which we live in. No-one has any respect any more – the only possible motive I can see is extortion.’

Bongiorno died in September 2009, aged 85, and was credited with bring the quiz show to Italy in the 1950’s. His catchphrase was ‘Allegria, allegria’ (Happiness, happiness) and Berlusconi said of him at his funeral, ‘He was a great friend, a player in the history of Italian television. He was my lucky charm.’

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