Brooke Kinsella calls for knife crime education in schools

Brooke Kinsella

Brooke Kinsella

Former Eastenders star, Brooke Kinsella, has called for more knife crime education in secondary schools after her brother Ben was stabbed to death three years ago.

The star, who played Kelly in the popular BBC soap, has been battling for justice ever since. Brooke has done a lot of work to try to help prevent future crimes, and has noted a particular rise in girl gangs.

Kinsella this week called for more education in schools and said, “We need knife-crime education in secondary schools as part of the curriculum and early intervention must be introduced in primary schools.

“Not much is being done with girls at the moment, which is a huge problem.

“They are being used by gangs to carry drugs or hold weapons and they’re also used as sexual objects, passed around from one gang member to another.

“No one tells them, ‘you’re too good for that, don’t let it happen’. They also become targets for rival groups.”

What do you think about your children being taught about the dangers of knife crime in school, and do you think it will make a difference? We’d love to know your thoughts.

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