Brits unsure if their motor insurance covers them to drive abroad

car insurance up

car insurance up

A new survey has revealed that the majority of British people are completely unaware if they can drive aboard under their current motor insurance policy.

The research, carried out by moneysupermarket found that a third of drivers in the UK believed that their fully comprehensive policy allowed them to drive around the rest of Europe and still be covered in the same way as in Britain.

The website has now urged drivers to check their policies as for most insurers this is not the case.

The comparison giants also added that many insurance companies do allow you to drive abroad on your policy, but with the bare minimum cover, often not covering your car for anything and just providing third party cover.

Car insurance expert from the firm, Peter Harrison explained, “No one wants their great motoring getaway to turn into an expensive nightmare, so motoring Brits should not assume their existing cover is valid when driving abroad.”

Moneysupermarket have recently found themselves on the receiving end of criticism for advising young males to add a named driver to reduce costs. Whilst this is fine if the named driver uses the car, if they do not it could be viewed as fraud.


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