BREAKING NEWS: Explosion at Russia’s Domodedovo airport

Domedov Airport

Domedov Airport

The busiest airport in Russia’s capital, Domodedov airport has been shaken by an explosion.

There was reportedly 31 people killed by the explosion.

Reports are suggesting that the explosion, that has injured more than 100 people, was the work of a suicide bomber.

The Chief Investigator has said the expolsion was the work of terrorists.

President Dmitry Medvedev has vowed the attackers would be tracked down.

The airport is 40km (25 miles) south-east of the city centre.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Mr Medvedev ordered an immediate increase of security to High Alert and Moscow police were ordered to survey all transport links for suspicious behaviour. An emergency meeting with top officials was called.

Initial reports indicate that the blast hit the baggage reclaim area of the international terminal.

A RIA Novosti news agency correspondent at the scene reported that a lot of smoke could be seen in the area, and there was a smell of burning.

The emergency services were rushed to the airport to tend to the wounded.

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