Black Cat: Italian Feline inherits 10 Million Euros

Millionnaire Black Cat

Millionnaire Black Cat

Tommasino, a pet cat from Rome, Italy has been left  a huge ten million euros after his owner died. Though not uncommon for owners to leave their pets money, leaving ten million euros to the domestic creature is not exactly the norm and clearly a sign of how much the cat meant to its owner.

Good luck

As such the Black cat has gone on to live up to its reputation for good luck after being left the money from its owner, a widowed heiress. The four-year-old cat was rescued from a tough existence in the mean streets of the Italian city when it was a kitten.

Fortunes for the kitten changed as the heiress gave it a home and now cat is the happy owner of cash and shares, and also a property empire which includes flats and houses in Rome, Milan and Calabria.

Maria Assunta was the lady who rescued the cat, she was widowed when young but had been married to a property tycoon. They had no children and the lonely lady took the cat in, she loved her pet and feared what would happen to it when her health started to turn.

This prompted her to write a will in 2009 in which she bequeathed her ‘entire state’ to the cat, in the will she instructed her lawyers to ‘identify an animal welfare association or group to which  to leave the estate and responsibility of looking after her beloved feline.

However, not being able to find an association which matched her expectations and standards she felt it was best to leave her riches to the cat through a nurse who had cared for her during her last months, the nurse was called Stefania.


The heiress passed away two weeks ago aged 94, and this meant that the will has come into force. Maria Assunta became close to the nurse who looked after her and as such it was not a difficult decision to entrust her with the money and responsibility of the cat.

The nurse was not aware of the extent of Assunta’s wealth but did promise the old lady that she would look after the cat who now lives with the new owner and one other cat in a house located a little way from Rome. The address is being kept secret for fears the cat will attract con men and any other shady and colourful individuals.

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