Bizarre America: Chased Down By Police Dog

Police officers in car chase

Police officers in car chase

Whittier, California in U.S. has to take the crown for the strangest police chase for a long-time. What appeared as a normal routine chase which could of appeared on a related American TV show had a twist even the officers were not expecting, after a man ran out of his vehicle in his birthday suit and tried to escape from them on his bare feet.

Residential neighbourhood

The man was reported to have stolen a stretched Hummer in California which prompted the police to embark on chase which saw them go around a residential neighbourhood. The tyres on the Hummer were smoking at this point, and in a crazy change of heart the man jumps from his vehicle and makes a dash in attempt to elude the police helicopter and the officers which were chasing him down.

No one quite knows where the man’s clothes were or why he was out in public without any, but it was up to the police to make sure they caught the man before he caused any more mayhem. As such they released their police dogs to chase him, something straight from a comedy film.

The dog brought the man to the ground at which point officers had surrounded and arrested him.

Unfortunately for America this was not the only strange story that has come out related to the police. In a separate but equally comical situation a police officer was left a little embarrassed and left to explain to his superiors that he had accidently crashed he patrol car up a utility pole

The cop was working in Miami doing his rounds when he got distracted and in what can only be described as a bizarre occurrence drove his car onto, not into, a telephone wire leaving the car at a 45 degree angle. He got out safe and was in decent shape but his pride took a major beating.

Kids rob classmates with toy gun for sweets

In one other event which took place just a few days ago a couple of children robbed classmates for sweets and crisps using a toy gun. The police are looking for the children aged 8 and 10, the kids held up victims as they walked home from school, they managed to take sweets from five victims and left the crime scene.

The United Kingdom suffers less from news that makes you think and then laugh, quoting a famous line from a famous boxing movie: “Only in America.”

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