Belgian Students thrown off Ryanair flight



Troublesome Belgian students were removed from a Spanish RyanAir flight from the Canary Islands after refusing to comply with instructions from staff.

More than 100 students were on the plane due to fly them home from the Canary Islands to Belgium when Police were called to deal with the disruption.

The students refused to carry out instructions after some objected to being charged a fee for excess hand luggage, something anyone who has travelled with RyanAir will be sympathetic with.

Most of the students are still stuck in Lanzarote as other flights home were either full or too expensive for the scrimping scholars.

Spanish newspaper, LA Provincia, reported that police were called to the place as it waited to take off from Guacimeta Airport by the pilot after students on the plane mutinied.

They were upset that a fellow student had been charged for oversized hand luggage.

After 168 passengers originally boarded the aircraft, only 70 remained for the takeoff.

Ryanair in a statement confirmed that passengers “became disruptive and refused to comply with crew instructions” over a fee for outsized luggage.

Police required the entire aircraft to be emptied and reloaded before they would allow it to take off.

“Following further disruptive behaviour, the police required for security reasons that this entire group be refused travel,” the statement said.

Whilst some students found a way home, around 70 are still stuck waiting to get another flight.

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