BBC 4: Cost Cutting

BBC4 facing cost cutting and programming changes

BBC4 facing cost cutting and programming changes

The BBC are seeking ways to save 20% from their costs and it looks as if their digital channel BBC4 is going to be the victim as the corporation has a plan in place to reduce the scope of the channel.

More repeats

It looks as if many more repeats will be what the BBC have planned as part of the corporation’s Delivering Quality First cost-saving initiative. The cuts will also affect BBC3 with plans to keep the channel the same but to focus it on factual programmes and comedy, cutting back on dramas.

The main channels will also not be spared as BBC2 is staring at having some of its daytime schedule cut, but drama shows for the main two channels, BBC1 and BBC2 will remain.

BBC3 is likely to remain the same, it is a very good tool for attracting young audiences to the BBC because of its younger themed programming and the management are fearful of a strong reaction if BBC3 is tampered with.

The big change will be on BBC4, the plan is to change the channel into a arts and archive one focusing on such shows to get following like that seen on BBC3.

Richard Klein, BBC4 controller described the channel’s aim “to be British television’s most intellectually and culturally enriching channel, offering an ambitious range of UK and international arts, music and culture” in the BBC’s statement of programme policy.

“The gold card channel for arts and culture”

He stated his vision for the channel as “the gold card channel for arts and culture” and would be removing the more expensive television genres comedy and drama and sticking to “factual, drama and entertainment programming.”

Rumours were spreading of a merger of local radio with BBC Radio 5 live or even removing the BBC Parliament channel from freeview.

Mark Thompson, BBC director general said: “We haven’t ruled out service closures yet but the work so far suggests there’s a smarter way of making savings without taking entire services away from the public”.

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