ATHENS PROTEST: Parliament Voting Sets Off Violence

Violence in Athens

Violence in Athens

Scenes of anger and violence have spread across Athens after many are feeling resentful over the news of more austerity measures, this has led demonstrators to using violent action to express their feelings with many trying to get a hold on police who were trying to take control of the situation.

The scenes have forced even more pressure on European leaders to find a way of solving the single currency debt crisis.

Confronting police

Demonstrators in Athens have been confronting the police with violence and a barrage of aggressive attacks as they try to vent their rage as the country is facing a 48-hour general strike over plans to prevent bankruptcy.

The European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have demanded Greece to make serious cuts in public spending and this will put the wheels in motion for emergency funding. Despite this it is expected, with many parties deeply concerned, that Greece will still default on their debt and as such cause a collapse of the euro.

Leaders are feeling intense strain and pressure over the double-downgrade to Spain’s credit rating and the doubts surrounding France’s AAA rating, and it is necessary they gain control over the situation.

Dale Mortensen, Nobel-Prize winning economist, has made a stern warning saying: “If the Europeans can’t solve the problem within a year, we are likely to have another worldwide recession”.


The violence which has been seen on the streets of Greece really hit home the anger that the nation’s population have and how it has built up and exploded on the its capital. Demonstrators were not holding back, with petrol bombs being used to attack police.

The Parliament building was also not spared as many attacked police to get at the building, as the government is verging on decisions to increase tax, make more job cuts and salary cuts.

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