Astronaut: Competes In A Game Of One Man Baseball

Satoshi Furukawa

Satoshi Furukawa

It appears as if the Japanese have the best baseball player in space, after his competition was no were to be seen. The astronaut made history after taking part in the American ‘national pastime’ on his own in a game that was totally out of this world.

The astronaut, Satoshi Furukawa, who works for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency played one-man baseball on the International Space Station making use of the lack of gravity and quite possibly hitting the biggest home run to be recorded.

Propelled himself

In weightless conditions he managed to pitch the ball and hit the ball and then field all at the same time and all on his own. After the pitching the ball to get the game started he propelled himself through to the other end of the capsule overtaking the ball as he went at which point he picked up the bat set himself and made clean contact  with the ball, he ended the game by catching his own shot.

The Furukawa and his two fellow astronauts landed safely in Kazakhstan yesterday completing the mission they were sent on, they returned on a Soyuz space capsule after staying in space for five and a half months.

The Japanese astronaut was accompanied by NASA astronaut Mike Fossum and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov. The re-entry capsule which had been detached from the main body of the spacecraft during the descent parachuted down to the Kazakh plain early in the morning, entering back into the earth’s atmosphere at an altitude of 100km.

The video had been posted to YouTube and has become an internet hit, with the theme tune from the original Star Trek series edited in to give the clip some more drama.

After the best part of six months confined in the space station the astronauts were definitely looking for ways to amuse themselves and Furukawa came up with his own very creative way to amuse himself.

Feeling ill

This was a record amount of time for a astronaut from Japan to be in space, but despite the amusing end to their work the time in the space station. They left in June and on arriving at the International Space Station he Tweeted that the journey had left him feeling ill.

He had trained as medical doctor in Tokyo and had worked in hospitals until 1999 at which point he started his astronaut training, he was certified in 2001 and went through more specific testing before visiting space.

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