Army: Memo Hints At Redundancy For Wounded Soldiers

Wounded Soldiers

Wounded Soldiers

A memo has been leaked which hints at the sad reality of wounded soldiers looking at losing their jobs, in what can only be described as part of some cost cutting exercise. However, the memo has been categorically dismissed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), who will not be happy with how the defence sector is coming across to others but also the long-term impact of the claim.

Put lives on the line

In the document, there is clear talk of 2,500 injured soldiers who could be removed as part of 16,500 Army job losses, this has grown up from 12,000. This means that these individuals, who put their lives on the line for the country, will be rewarded for the work by being dumped.

Trying to save the situation was Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary, who stated that the memo written by a junior army officer was ‘incorrect’ in its claim. The countries leader are in unanimous agreement that it is the government’s job to ‘do right by our armed forces’.

It appears that there were official plans to cut military budget by 7.5% over the coming five years, this was revealed in the Strategic Defence and Security review which was published last October. So the although the contents of the memo has been ridiculed and denied, there is a possibility of truth.

The classified memo reveals that in within the 2,500 injured soldiers, 350 have lost limbs through bomb explosions and roadside ambushes, who are not escaping the cut. The cut will affect those men who have been left behind doing invaluable work behind the scenes, these include soldiers looking after the bereaved and wounded.

Once the cut takes effect it is expected that the Army will be reduced down to its smallest size since the Boer War, which took place 131-years-ago. Many experts are also estimated that approximately eight battalions will no longer be a part of the army, and others are concerned that the cuts will leave Britain relying on reservists.

Equipment cuts

Equipment worth £1 billion has been scrapped by the MoD, and the Royal Navy has freed them from £570 million worth of material. The Gurkhas will also be told that they are one of those selected for compulsory redundancy.

Despite the news, reports, leaked memos, and figures Phillip Hammond has denied any idea that injured soldiers will be part of the cuts, saying: “Anyone who is injured and who is receiving medical treatment will not be considered in any way for inclusion in a redundancy programme until after their treatment is complete.”

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