Apple VS BlackBerry – the battle continues

BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry Playbook

Apple iPad’s are soon to be in competition, as rival smartphone providers, like Blackberry, release their version of the tablet computer.

With iPad sales booming in the past few months, many technology firms have released similar devices, but the new PlayBook is thought to be the only true contender.

Up to 60 new versions of the flat, touch screen computers are expected to be on the market by the end of the year, with the PlayBook launching by the summer.

The new release will be priced more than £100 lower than the current iPad which starts at the cost of £439. The firm hope to forego the iPad with the prospect of saving customers a substantial amount of money, also hoping to gain customers already using the BlackBerry smartphone due to its smooth synchronising programme with the phone.

The rivalry is an ongoing battle between the two providers, with the Apple iPhone contending as an alternative to the BlackBerry smartphone. RIM executives hope to attract customers dedicated to the brand, which includes Barack Obama.

For the lower price of £320 customers will receive a smaller and lighter device, a higher memory capacity, along with a specification the iPad doesn’t offer which is a built-in camera. The battery life of the new device is unknown, but is thought to not fall too short of Apple’s impressive number of 10 hours.

The PlayBook endured a demonstration in Las Vegas yesterday, during which technology experts praised the device’s fast performance, with CNET UK calling the release a ‘genuine contender’.

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