Apple to release smaller, cheaper iPhone models

Apple to launch new affordable iPhone

Apple to launch new affordable iPhone


There’s no stopping Apple as they plan to produce smaller iPhone models that will be cheaper and one-third the size.

Bloomberg are rumoured to have spoken to sources, who wish not to be named, who had seen the smaller device and commented that the company is considering selling it for around $200 without a two-year contract.

The current iPhone 4 can be purchased for around $200 to $300, with a contract.

Apple is rumoured to be announcing the smaller iPhone in the middle of next year. However, sources told Bloomberg that the debut may be deferred or may not happen at all.

Few people know of Apple’s new projects, especially this one, but is should be noted that Apple work on hundreds of projects but some to not end up being produced.

The company is also working on technology that will allow users, whilst using their iPhone, to switch between GSM networks. With the technology, users would not have to switch between SIM cards if they were to change their network.

On Thursday, Verizon Wireless began selling the iPhone 4.

Would a smaller, cheaper model be popular or should Apple stick to what they know?

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