Apple orders 10 million iPhone 5 parts signalling summer launch



Apple is reported to have ordered 10 million iPhone 5 components from Chinese manufacturer Pegatron. The company, who produce parts for many Apple devices, have never had an order this large before.

They are believed to have put a block on all holidays, and increased wages, tripling some, in an effort to increase production speeds to meet demand.

The iPhone 4 has only sold 5 million units so Apple are backing their new product with such a large order. Whilst we have yet to have any details of a release date, Apple tend to use a conference in April to announce new phones, signalling a summer launch date.

Fans of the product will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on the company’s latest offering, which is rumoured to have a better resolution screen, camera and a much faster processor.

Will you be running out to buy an iPhone 5, or are you tied into a two year contract like most people and have to make do with a new phone every other year?

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