Apple iPad 2 latest – Stylus support and a 7inch screen option rumoured

ipad 2

ipad 2

Apples fans will be eager to know that another patent has been unearthed by PatentlyApple, leading to suggestions that the second version of the popular tablet PC, the iPad, could come with stylus support.

The stylus would give the iPad2 support for handwriting, brings a whole new use to the tablets.

As you’d expect from Apple they haven’t designed any old plastic device. The apple version is designed with a conductive head, allowing it to write on the capacitive touch screen which would normally require a human’s touch to recognise signals.

The support could enter the iPad 2 into the graphics tablet arena as well, with full confirmation expected at Apples official announcement next week.

Another rumour floating around the net is that a 7inch version will also be available, although we aren’t convinced on this one. Steve Jobs has been particularly harsh of the screen size in the past, complaining there is a lack of screen real estate to get anything done.

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