Apple Black Friday shopping day goes live with 10% discounts

ipad discount

ipad discount

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Whilst we await news of Apple’s Black Friday shopping day here in the UK, Apple stores in Australia have opened with discounts of around 10%.

Sources in Australia have informed us that prices have been reduced as is tradition on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, and traditionally theiAmericas biggest shopping day.

Apples ‘gadget of the year’, the iPad is reduced from $629 to $578, a saving of $51 or just over 9%.The iPads new 4.2 OS was also released today, enabling users to print from the device over their wireless network,  multi task, and allows for applications to be grouped into folders on the device.

The iPod Nano is reduced from $199 to $184, again a 9% reduction and a useful discounts for all parents who have children begging for an iPod for christmas.

Perhaps the saving of the day in Australia is the brand new 13″ Macbook Air which is reduced from $1599 to $1478. With the product already competitively priced, a $121 saving represents fantastic value for money for Apple fans.

It’s not just Apple products that are reduced. A 1TB Western Digital MyBook, an external hard drive, is reduced from $199 to $146, over 25% off the original price.

Whilst these reductions are straight from Australia, and cannot be guaranteed to be replicated in the UK or US, it gives an idea of what Apple has in store for us.

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