Amazon Tribe: Warning After Arrow Attack

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest

Scientists in Peru have released a video which proves that they have made contact with one of Amazon rainforests most isolated tribes. However, a stern warning has been issued making it clear that nobody should approach the tribe after a park ranger was left bloodied by a warning shot from members of the tribe.

Encroaching on untouched forest

Sightings of isolated tribes has become much more frequent during the last 20 years due to the modern world encroaching on the untouched forest in search for gas and oil. The government is putting a law together which will keep the forest protected and allow the lifestyles of these people to be maintained.

The video was released by the Peruvian government and it shows tribes men running along the river matching the pace of the tourist boat, the tribesmen can be seen with their arrows drawn ready to strike.

The Mascho-Piro tribe is located on the shores of the Manu River in Manu National Park. There is danger running both ways if contact is made with this tribe, since these indigenous people are highly exposed to new world diseases and there is the threat of violence from the tribe.

The indigenous-rights group Survival International have said that the arrow shot at the park ranger was a warning shot as the arrow did not have a tip, and clothes which have been left by tourists for the tribes people could threaten their lives since there is a good chance that the clothes could carry disease.

Restricted zone

It has also been revealed that the section of the rainforest where the indigenous people have been seen is a restricted zone and there is no need for tourists to get to close or even step on that part of the Amazon.

Roger Rumrill, a special advisor to the Environment Ministry, has said: “The policy of this government is one of permanent inclusion of indigenous peoples, of commitment to their social demands, including territorial demands, education, and health care.”

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