Airbus soaring above Boeing.

Airbus A320neo

Airbus A320neo

European company Airbus have remained the largest plane maker in the world, managing to secure 574 orders last year, with 510 of those having been delivered.

The company’s Chairman, Tom Enders said “2010 was a good year, in fact better than expected 12 months ago. The market rebound and improved programme performance has been particularly encouraging,”

Their main rival, Boeing received 520 orders last year, but only managed to complete 462.

Airbus plans to make 2011 an even more successful year as they aim to deliver between 520 and 530 planes. Last year’s production set company records for the ninth year in a row and they hope that they can do the same this year.

The planes that were delivered last year included 401 of the medium-range workhorse A320 and 18 of the super-jumbo A380s. in order to keep their book-to-bill ratio above 1, airbus expects their deliveries to increase this year.

Enders said “This is the result of strong airline demand for new and more eco-efficient aircraft,” he said. “We respond to our customer’s requests by introducing the right technologies at the right time as per the launch of the A320neo.”

The A320neo model has extra efficient engines in order to boost fuel usage, and is expected to be a very popular model for the company.  The first order  was announced last week, with budget carrier Indigo ordering 150 of the new model and 30 of the regular A320. The order is supposedly worth $15.6 billion.

Airbus has also said it plans to hire up to 3,000 more workers this year, in order to fulfil as many orders as possible.

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