Airbus bags A320 orders from Easyjet



The budget carrier Easyjet will add 15 Airbus A320s to its fleet between 2012 and 2014. The deal is estimated at £710 million ($1.1 billion) and gives the airliner the option to buy another 33 planes.

Airbus has agreed to sell the aircrafts at an undisclosed discount which goes on to show the strong relation between the two. Easyjet had switched over from rival Boeing in 2002 and has so far confirmed a total of 62 orders for A320s, with an option to buy another 73. It is not expecting any delivery from Boeing.

The fleet size of Easyjet will swell to 220 by September 2013. However, only eight of the current 193 planes are Boeings.

“Easyjet continues to maintain an open and productive dialogue with Boeing on the development of current and future programmes”, said the company after finalizing the Airbus deal.

Justifying the just concluded deal with Airbus, Easyjet said the manufacturer had offered “substantial confidential price concessions”.

Extolling other benefits of the deal, Ms Carolyn McCall – CEO of Airbus said: “A central feature of the agreement is the flexibility it gives Easyjet to vary the growth rate in its capacity to reflect economic conditions and market opportunities”.

On the back of 8 percent growth in passenger traffic, Easyjet nearly trebled its last year’s profit to £154 million.

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