Age UK give travel insurance advice for elderly

Age UK

Age UK

Age UK, a charity set up to support the elderly, has given advice to its members when it comes to applying for travel insurance.

The charity wants it members to be honest when applying for the insurance, despite the extra cost that may bring.

They claim that members who weren’t honest have struggled to enjoy their holidays as they couldn’t relax, and by not being truthful were not always able to claim as insurance companies cancelled the policies once they found out the truth.

The advice came after seeing the results of Which?, the consumer watchdogs recent survey which highlighted the problems the elderly face when they apply for travel insurance.

Gordon Morris, managing director of Age UK urged people to continue to shop around, as the many different deals can vary greatly in cover and price.

He said: “It is essential to be completely transparent when purchasing a policy, advising your provider of any medical conditions.”

Age UK received the charity of the year award this year, as the Dods Charity champions Award recognised them for their work in campaigning for changes though parliament. They were voted for by both members of the House of Lords and Commons.

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