Admiral: 200 New Jobs In Swansea Expansion

Admiral create 200 New Jobs In Swansea Expansion

Admiral create 200 New Jobs In Swansea Expansion

Admiral, the insurance group, has said that it is about to expand its operations in Swansea with the aim of adding more than 200 jobs. The insurer already has 4,332 people employed in Wales and it is looking to add a another base, a third, in the city.

Swansea Vale

They have already picked out a location, with Admiral looking to lease offices in Swansea Vale. The offices, which are close to the M4 government, will be leased from the government in Wales.

Last month Admiral has released figures showing that their pre-tax profits for the first half of the year was up by 27% compared to the previous year, £160.6m.

1,627 people are already employed within Swansea, at the Admiral Group House and the Ellipse buildings at the SA1 waterside development and they have stated that the office at Swansea Vale will be able to take on 600 members of staff.

Admiral also owns well known brands such as and Diamond showing their wider influence. Within these other brands the insurer has 2,297 employees who are also based in Cardiff, and they have a further 408 in Newport.

Huw Llewellyn, head of property at Admiral Group has said: “The expansion into Swansea Vale commits Admiral further to the Swansea area allowing us to continue to employ locally based people. This, alongside our continued growth in our Cardiff and Newport offices, strengthens our ongoing commitment to south Wales.”

Significant contribution to the economy

Edwina Hart, Welsh Business Minister is very happy about the news and said that Admiral have made a significant contribution to the economy in Wales and that she is very happy that they have decided to expand their operators, thus allowing them to create new jobs.

“The Welsh Government has worked closely with Admiral Group since it opened its first centre in Cardiff in 1993 and has continued to support its growth” said Edwina Hart.

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