AA breakdown services under customer payment cloud



Customers of the self proclaimed fourth emergency service were looking for their own hero this week after it was revealed many of them had been having trouble cancelling their membership after signing up via a continuous payment authority.

The AA, who are one of the biggest providers of breakdown cover in the UK have typically offered their customers 15% off if they paid by credit card, and then agreed to have their subscription automatically renewed.

The payments service has come under scrutiny however as customer complaints piled in after money was taken, despite trying to cancel their membership, and the continuous payment service.

The AA, who also allow customers to pay by Direct Debit, and through one off credit or debit card payments, have vowed to look into the problems, and try to rectify the problem.

Unlike a direct debit, a continuous credit card payment instruction can only be cancelled by the company who issued it in the first place, meaning customers have been unable to cancel their own policies.

Even if you have cancelled a credit card, that credit card is forced to make the payment on your behalf, and will then chase you for the money.

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