A quarter of under 16s to hit their century as figures back up need for pension reform

Quarter of under 16s will live to 100

Quarter of under 16s will live to 100

Government figures have revealed that they expect one in four children currently under the age of 16 to live until their 100th birthday.

The figures show that nearly 27% or 3.3million children are expected to hit that age, just some of the 11miilion people currently alive expected to hit that landmark.

The figures back up a call for a reform to pension’s schemes, as they will become a part of our lives for longer going forward.

The government has already announced plans to reform the state pension system, in a move designed to make the system fair and sustainable with life expectancy increasing all the time.

They have also announced plans to auto enrol people into a work based pension scheme as of next year, forcing employers and employees to contribute to a scheme, unless the employee opts out.

Charity Director from Age UK, Michelle Mitchell said the report was was “great news that so many young people will live to celebrate their centenary”.

“Later life can be full of great opportunities, and having a good pension to rely on is the best way to make the most of that time, she said.

“It is good news that from next year, automatic enrolment into a workplace pension scheme will start, requiring both employee and employer to pay in contributions but with employees being able to choose to opt out.”

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