A quarter of homes to turn off heating this winter as gas prices look set to rise



Shocking new research has revealed that up to a quarter of homes will turn off their heating this winter, as they simply can’t afford to keep their homes heated because of an increase in gas prices.

Insurance comparison site, Uswitch has revealed that last winter 20% of those surveyed living in the UK turned off their heating at some point, in a desperate attempt to save money.

Uswitch believe that figure will be even higher this time round, with gas and electricity prices set to continue rising over the winter period.

The Bank of England last week predicted that gas and electricity prices would increase this year, with gas set to rise by 15% and electricity by as much as 10%.

Uswitch surveyed over 1500 of their customers in January and the results showed that 20% of those asked had turned off their heating regularly during the winter, to save money in rising bills.

Ann Robinson, a former chairperson of Energywatch revealed, “This time it’s going to be a minimum of 25%.”

“Many people are really going to struggle to pay their bills,” she says.

“We have to pray for a mild winter.”

Ann also calculated that should the Bank of England’s predictions come true, the average household in the UK will have to fork out an extra £148 a year, compared with last years costs.

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