A New App in Town Can Take You Cycling

Transport for London has a new app that can help your use of Barclay's Cycle Hire a more organized choice.

Transport for London has a new app that can help your use of Barclay’s Cycle Hire a more organized choice.

Mayor Boris Johnson launched a new company, Barclays Clycle Hire, and there is already a new app to assist users.  Not only can you use the app for live transport for London data, a feature called crowd-sourcing lets you see the availability of bicycles at the newest docking stations.

Kenton Price, director of Little Fluffy Toys, the app developer, commented: “Many of the cycle apps that existed for other cities already are really not much more than a google maps mashup of a bunch of locations superimposing on a map.  We also chose the timiest widget you can choose.  Into that we have parked information about the newest three locations, including the direction of distance, and the colour coded known status of that location. 

“If we have recent live info from Transport for London, we will show the number of bikes and the number of slots, and the time at which we retrieved it.”

Transport for London refused to comment on particular developers, but did say third party developers will have access to more data in time.

A spokesperson from Transport for London said, “The up to date information listing all docking stations that are live in London is available on the developers area and must be used.”

Price is thrilled for now.  He said: “It’s been a riot, I’ve loved it.  My favorite moment so far was when CNet said we had all the geeky goodness with our crowdsourcing stuff – I practically burst with pride.”

Cycles are expected to be a big transportation choice for those seeking to save a bit on their transportation budget.  When weather cools a bit more it should be an even bigger hit for everyone, including tourists.  It also is being cheered on by those who believe it is a step in the right direction for making London more green.

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