2011 National Census Deemed Too Costly

The UK Government will be conducting an official Census in 2011.

The UK Government will be conducting an official Census in 2011.

The possibility that the National Census will stop occurring after next year is real.

A census has been taken every decade since 1801, with the exception of the WWII period.

The government said that data could be gathered from records at the Post Office, local government and credit banking organizations.  This would save a significant amount of money and be more effective.

Next year’s census, mailed to every household, will cost an estimated 482 million pounds.  It asks for detailed information like nationality, religions, faith, and marital status.

There will be a separate census on the same day, 27 March 2011, organized by the office for National Statistics in England and Wales, the General Register Office for Scotland and the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.  This census will be taken all across the UK.

A Cabinet Office Spokesman said: “Work began some time ago to explore alternatives to the conventional census model after 2011, and that work is continuing.

“We are committed to making a success of the 2011 Census, while endeavoring to cut its costs, currently expected to be around 460 million pounds.

“The expenditure already committed to the census means that the scope to make changes is limited.”

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