Brisbane rain continues as 12 are found dead and 72 are still missing

Brisbane Flood

Brisbane Flood

The devastating Queensland floods have claimed at least twelve lives and left 72 missing, as the crisis escalates. The flood has now hit Queensland’s capital, and Australia’s third largest city, Brisbane, where thousands of residents have been advised to evacuate their homes.

The flood made it’s way to Brisbane after an inland tsunami swept through Toowoomba, which lies 77 miles to the west of the Queensland capital, on Monday.

There are growing fears that the extent of the flooding could exceed the levels of the 1974 flood, which saw 14 people dead and destroyed more than 6,700 homes.

Current estimates suggest that more than 9,000 homes could be inundated when the Brisbane River peaks at 12ft over the next two days. Brisbane mayor, Campbell Newman, warns that nearly 7,000 homes and businesses could experience seriously flooding over the course of the next few days.

In a recent televised message to the public, the premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, struggled to hold back tears as she described the events as “our darkest hour”.

Bligh warned that the entire city of Brisbane will be affected, with workplaces and shops closed. She urged residents to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary and warned that the death toll will undoubtedly rise and possibly double.

She ended her message with a sense of optimism, stating: “This weather may be breaking our hearts but it will not break our will.”

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