Junior ISA

Junior ISA

Junior ISA

With the Child Trust Fund coming to an end this month, the government has started to make plans to replace the Tax Free children’s savings account in the form of a

Junior ISA.

“Why the Junior ISA could alliviate Student Debt?


Junior ISA

will replace the CTF (Child Trust Fund) but the products have a great number of similarities. The Junior ISA will not give parents a voucher to give them a head start with saving for their children, but does still allow Tax Free saving for their children’s future.

Junior ISA


Junior ISA

will also allow all children up to the age of 16 an opportunity to save money tax free, as opposed to the Child Trust Fund, which was only available to children born in the past 8 years.

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Junior ISAs will continue to be offered by private providers, as was the case with Child Trust Funds, with the different choices of investing remaining the same. With Junior ISAs offering either a cash-based account or a stocks and shares-based account there remains a choice for parents based on current economic conditions.

Witans Jump Junior ISA is just one of many privately offered Junior ISAs

In another similarity with Child Trust Funds savers into a Junior ISA will not be able to access the money until their 18th birthday.

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There is likely to be a maximum amount that can be invested into a Junior ISA in any one year – however, the cap has yet to be announced. The Junior ISA annual cap is believed to be at least as much as the CTF’s £1,200 per year limit.

Eligibility for a Junior ISA savings account will be back-dated, meaning those children born after the Child Trust Funds have finished will not miss out – Children born before the start of the Child Trust Fund in September 2002 will now also be able to open a Junior ISA.

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